Success Stories

  • Trail system urged for Back River parks in Hingham, Weymouth +

    A resident taking a stroll along the shore of the Back River in Weymouth or Hingham might see an osprey Read More
  • Jones River Flow Restoration Update (Kingston) +

    Sometimes removing a dam removes the limiting factor to a river’s health, and we can back away and let the Read More
  • MET Grant Awarded to Remove Dams +

    With new funding, NepRWA can now begin the process of removing two small dams and modifying a third to benefit Read More
  • Fundraising Session Features Experienced (and Successful) Fundraisers and Grantmakers +

    Fundraising for Water Whether you are a small nonprofit already or just getting started, one of the keys to success Read More
  • Rep. Bradley supports potential water company acquisition +

    Rep. Garrett Bradley, D-Hingham, supports Hingham's potential acquisition of the town's water system from Aquarion Water Company March 28, 2014, Read More
  • Environmental Justice and Water Use Concerns Put Brockton Power Plant Use Proposal on Hold +

    By FRANK CARINI, EcoRInews staff. For close to three decades Pine duBois has been standing guard over the Jones River Read More
  • Federal Agencies Issue Long-Awaited "Waters of the United States" Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for Clean Water Act Jurisdiction +

    March 27, 2014; Brent Carson, Duncan Greene, Joseph Nelson, and Erin Bartlett of Van Ness Feldman The long-awaited Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NOPR) redefining the Read More
  • New Desalination Technique Also Cleans and Disinfects Water +

      Emerging Technology From the arXiv February 11, 2014 Electrodialysis has the potential to desalinate seawater quickly and cheaply but Read More
  • Taunton receives grant for regionalization of storm drain infrastructure +

        by Marc Larocque, Taunton Gazette Staff Reporter, Posted Feb. 6, 2014 TAUNTON — Taunton is one of 18 local communities to Read More
  • Erosion Happens: Can We Deal With It? +

    Rising seas and more intense storms are challenging southern New England’s shoreline, coastal homes and infrastructure. By FRANK CARINI/ecoRI News Read More
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